Complete Guide to Buying Best Shower Head

Are you feeling that your shower is boring, and you are not getting the complete satisfaction that you hoped, after a long day? You don´t have to live with that sensation anymore.

It doesn´t matter what your preferences are when it comes to showering, there are many models available nowadays; one of them will definitely suit you.

If you miss listening to music while you shower, or if you wish you had a little bit of brightness and color in your bathroom; or even if you are having a hard time convincing your kid to go under the shower; the solution to all these problems now exists – Change your Shower Head Now.

Rain shower heads

Rain shower headsEvery time you are under your shower, do you imagine how amazing it would be if you were actually standing in the rain? And how good it would feel to have all that natural water falling gracefully onto your face? If your answer is yes; stop dreaming and buy yourself a rain shower head.

Your average shower will never be same; it will be like having your personal raincloud, but with the temperature that you want. Be ready to get a gentle, relaxing shower in great style. Different from regular shower heads, this one has an impressive size which will offer you full coverage and much more. To know more about it, take a look at the complete article.

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LED Shower Heads

LED Shower HeadsWith LED shower heads your shower time will never be boring again. Imagine yourself showering in a rainbow of colors which change according to the temperature. That´s right, the color changes to warn you about temperature before you burn yourself of before you be surprised because the water turned ice cold on a suddenly.

But, beside this warning side of this LED shower head, they work just like any regular shower, and have many options and features to turn your shower experience into something amazing. They are very modern, and do not need batteries! It is interesting the way the LED lightening works. For more information, read our complete article.
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Shower heads with speakers

Shower heads with speakersDoes a great shower need a soundtrack? Or, do you feel like you are wasting your time while you shower, because you are not listening to the news? You problem is over. Shower heads with speaker were designed to play music or whatever you want to hear during your shower, thanks to a Bluetooth speaker on its heart. You can connect wireless to your phone, computer or any other compatible advice.

Turn your shower into a stage and sing along! To know more about this type of shower head; how it works and what are the models available, read our complete article about it.
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Kids shower heads

Kids Shower HeadIf you feel already exhausted at the thought of taking your children to the shower; we have the solution. Kids have many reasons for hating shower time; some of them are afraid of the high pressure of the water, some find it a boring obligation and others don´t see anything funny enough to catch their attention.

Kids shower heads were designed to provide your kid with a fun shower. They come in the shape of animals or cartoon characters, and that´s why kid love it! They are easy to install and adds a lot of fun to the shower! Don´t wait any longer; check our complete article to know everything about kids´ shower heads.
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Wall mounted shower heads

Wall mounted shower headsIf your existing shower does not have adjustable angles and multiple spray modes, a wall mounted shower head is the best choice. Between many other useful and important features, wall mounted shower heads are easy to clean and install because you can reach them pretty easily.

You can change it for other shower head any time you want and without complications. This type of shower head is available in many sizes and brands. To know more about it, check our complete article.
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Ceiling mounted shower heads

Ceiling mounted shower headsThis type of shower head is for those who like the sensation of water coming from above. This shower head offers you full body coverage, and your bathroom´s style will be clean because this shower head will be on your ceiling, not on your wall. It will look like the water is falling straight from the sky; your bathroom will look modern and stylish.

Usually, these shower heads have many features and options; you will have the best experience of your life when it comes to showering. To have a detailed description of these shower heads, check our complete article.

Hand held shower heads

Hand held shower headsThis type of shower head is designed for people who like convenience and objectivity when it comes to shower heads. Sometimes, for any reason, you need a quick shower, washing only a specific area of your body; or your pet is the one who needs to be washed.

This showerhead head can be detached from its holder and used as a hand shower. This is one of the reasons why it is so practical. You will be able to find held shower heads including endless features and sizes; brands and options. Read our complete article to know more about handheld shower heads.