A Complete Guide to Buying the Best High Pressure Shower Head

waterpik-massage-showerheadWhen we talk about showering, the first thing that comes to our mind is water pressure. If the water pressure is low, you leave your bathroom feeling like something is missing. What we all want, considering showering, is high pressure water coming out from our shower; not those tickle of water pressure.

There could be a lot of reasons why the water pressure in your bathroom is low; it could be your municipal water supply, your plumping, or your head shower.

If you check and realize that reason is your head shower, you can help you to make a change and intensify the water pressure in your shower. But remember, if the water flow in your residence is no more than 2.5 gallons per minute, than you can buy a shower head.
Best High Pressure Shower Head Reviewed – Price & Rating


Delta 75152 Adjustable Water-Amplifying Showerhead with H2Okinetic Technology, Chrome

Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head, Polished Chrome

High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head, Polished Chrome

Waterpik TRS Elements 5-Mode Showerhead

Whedon USP19C Ultra Saver Strong Force Showerhead

AirJet Showerhead (Fixed-Mount)

Waterpik 4-Mode Massage Showerhead

 What is a high pressure shower head?

A high pressure shower head is different from the regular shower heads, because it provides high water pressure with the same amount of water flow.

It happens because of the adjustable spray settings and a pressure chamber design. Adjustable spray setting make your shower head spray to be condensed, resulting in a smaller but stronger shower.

What are the advantages of using a high pressure shower head?

There are many advantages when you use a high pressure shower head, instead of the regular one. Not the great feeling that a high pressure water gives us, but the water saving is also a factor to consider. To make it easier for you, we will list the advantages, and why you should change your regular shower head for a high pressure one:

  • The high water pressure massages your tired muscle, and when you finish your showering you´ll be feeling more relaxed.
  • Save water. When the water pressure is high, you take less time to wash off the shampoo from your hair and to rinse your body, so you will be saving water already.
  • Better washing. A high pressure shower head gives you the sensation of washing and cleaning yourself much better and, it is also easier to rinse.
  • Reduce consume of Water in general – A lot of energy saving!

What is the best high pressure shower head for me?

Well, just like any other product, you´ll have to consider your needs and preferences before buying a high pressure shower head. As you could see, there are many options and designs available. For example, if want a better shower; more water pressure, you should consider buying a shower which the head uses a pressure chamber. Another important thing to thing about is the shower head´s size. If you just want to increase the water pressure in your shower, you should get a wider size. But, if you have really low pressure, the best option for you will be getting a narrowed head size, because the spray area will be small, but the pressure higher.

Of course, we can´t forget about quality. Take a good look at the reviews, an always pick the known manufactures over the ones you´re not really sure about. And, remembering; the lay in the U.S.A. doesn´t allow more than more than 2.5 gallons/minute of water flow, so, many of the high pressure shower heads are designed for low flow situations, like 1.5-1.75 gallons per minute.

Where can I find it? How much will I have to pay for it?

You can find the pressure shower head you need on Amazon. They have different models, definitely you´ll find one which will suit you. Usually they have a very accessible price, when you compare them to others shower heads.  You can buy a good high pressure shower head, as you will see forward, for around $80,00 on Amazon.

Now, we will introduce you to some great and accessible high pressure shower head models, to help you with your decision and to make sure we will choose the best one for you:

1. Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower HeadSpeakman high pressure shower head

This high pressure shower head is modern, beautiful and designed for you to have an unforgettable shower every day. Not only it absolutely easy to install, all you have to do is to switch off your existing shower, but this high pressure shower head is made from solid brass, which will make it last for a long time in your bathroom. Check some of its specifications:

  • Patented Anystream® 360° technology. This technology will make it easy for you to transition between different spray patterns;
  • It comes with 6 adjustable jets, which can produce 48 individual sprays;
  • Plunger system. This system was designed to make your shower experience happen under any water pressure. It creates a high power and intensity within each spray;
  • It will work perfectly don´t matter how low is your water pressure;
  • I comes with self-cleaning nozzles, and
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

You can buy it on Amazon for $79.30.

2. Waterpik TRS 523/20009488 Elements 5-Mode Showerhead Waterpik High pressure shower head

This new contemporary style high pressure showerhead offers you a full body spray, combined with a OptiFlow technology, which will give you up to 30% of water force. Its installation is very simple; no assembly is required. If you are looking for a high performance and, at the same time a showerhead with an accessible price, this is the one. Take a quick look to some of its specifications and settings:

  • Rub clean nozzles;
  • Easy installation;
  • Advanced Opti Flow High pressure, and
  • It fits any shower.

If you believe this high pressure shower head suits you and your family, you can buy it now for only $18,66 on Amazon.

3. Waterpik SM-421 Original 4-Mode Massage Showerhead waterpik massage showerhead

This simple but multifunctional high pressure shower head has everything you need and more, for a very good price. If for you and your family there´s no need for a fancy expensive high pressure shower head, this is the right one for you.

With a head size 3.25” and 2.5 GPM water saver, you´ll feel more than happy after paying such a wall price for a powerful high pressure shower head. Don´t let its small size fool you; it is very potent and comes with 4 settings. Check out for more details:

  • Color: white;
  • Warranty: 5 years limited from the day you´ve bought it;
  • It provides you full body coverage;
  • It comes with 4 massage settings;
  • Your best choice if you want to replace your existing shower head, and
  • It is fixed mounted.

And now, to finish the description of this multifunctional shower, we´ll tell you it´s price; you can find it on Amazon for only $14.98.

4. High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head, Polished Chrome high siera low flow shower

Our last tip, to finish our review about high pressure shower heads in great style, is this innovative and GREEN shower head. We call it GREEN, because it helps you to save hundreds of dollars a year in water and energy. Its design is creative and compact, made in solid metal and finished in polish chrome. The HighSierra Showerheads owns the patent on the FCS nozzle, something that makes it unique, because no one else has this technology.

It is a good choice for colleges, for example, considering the fact that many people will use it, so you will waste less energy and water, which does not mean people won´t have a great shower experience, on the contrary.

And, before you take a look at the complete list of specifications for this product, we want you to know that this model is available in colors to match any décor. Now, take a look at the list:

  • Thanks to its effective technology, you don´t have to worry, because it will not clog;
  • Its patented nozzle you give you a full spray with large drops;
  • It has WaterSense certified;
  • Save up to 40% or more water and energy, and
  • It is made in the USA, with high quality materials, you don´t need to worry, because this high pressure shower head is made to last.
    Happy about this shower head which you not only provide you and your family a great shower every day, but will also help you to save some money, so you will be able to spend it however you like? Well, you´ll feel happier when you hear about its price; only $ 34.95 on Amazon.

We hope you can make up your mind after this article; we can assure you that your showering experience will be completely different if you change your regular old shower head for a high pressure one. Even if it means investing more money, you won´t regret after all. So, before buying you a high pressure shower head, make sure to check on prices, in different stores and websites. Read its information to see if its functions and settings will be useful for you and your family.

As you could read during this article, there are different manufacturers for you to choose, so, one tip, is to choose one known manufacturer, one that you´ve already heard about. Good luck and always buy wisely.