Best Kids Shower Head – A Complete Guide To Buying The Right One

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If you´re a parent, or have a kid in the family, you know what a struggle it is sometimes to convince your little one to take a shower. And, when you do, usually they make a mess and a big deal out of it. Why? Because maybe you´re not showering your kid the right way; you´re not making it fun for him or her.

Kids need distraction all the time, and that includes the shower time. Maybe your regular shower is not comfortable enough for your kid; we adults have different needs. We like having a high flow on our faces and backs, but kids don´t. They need a lower flow, and they don´t need a lot of functions like massage.

So, a funny and functional way to make your kid get under the shower is to get him or her a cool and colorful shower head.

Best Kids Shower Head Reviewed – Price & Rating


Amico Yellow Duck Shower Head Pal$4.0

Sesame Street Elmo Shower Spray, Red

Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Children's Showerhead with 3-Foot Quick-Connect/Detachable Hose and Dolphin Character

Rubber Duckie & Friends RDNF-F Child's Bath and Shower Wand, Frog

And, one more important thing, before we go on with some reviews of 3 great shower heads for your kid, don´t forget to read the instructions and make sure it will be easy for you to install the new shower. Now, take a look on this reviews; they´ll help you to make up your mind:

1. Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Children’s Showerhead

Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Children's ShowerheadThis shower head is not only colorful and funny, things that will make your kid happy, but it also has functions which you make you happy. Here are they:

  • It connects easily to your existing shower;
  • It has adjustable height; you can adjust it to your kid´s height with softer spray;
  • It´s 3 foot hose is detachable, which means you can keep it stored until the next time your kid will shower and, it makes parents to feel safe when they thing that there´s no hose hanging in the shower and,
  • It comes in the red color.

Read user reviews and see best price at Amazon.

2. Rubber Duckie & Friends RDNF-H Child’s Bath and Shower Wand, Hippo

rubber duckie kid shower headThis adorable shower head is very simple, but functional; it has no complications but everything you need for your kid to have a lot of fun during showering. Here are it´s specifications:

  • It includes a cute handheld character showerhead;
  • Movable showerhead mount with rubber suction cups;
  • A movable showerhead mount with rubber suction cups;
  • A 2-way ABS diverter, and
  • A plumber’s tape.

If your kid takes shower inside the tub, this is the perfect shower head for   you, because it is totally moveable and goes anywhere you need. It is the only bath product designed for both, tub and shower. He hose also attaches easily to any shower arm and, you can switch water flow from your shower and Rubber Duckie & Friends.

Read user reviews and see best price at Amazon.

3. Duck Head Design Suction Cups Shower Pal Clear Yellow

duck head kid shower headThis cute cartoon designed shower head is, very functional and easy to install. It´s adjustable suction cups under the shower support is one it´s useful tools. Check the option´s list:

  • It weighs only 206g. ;
  • It´s installation is easy and fast; no complications;
  • The package content is : 1 x Duck Shower Head; 1 x shower support with suction cups;
  • It contains adjustable suction cups, and
  • 2 Clear vinyl super suction cups can suck glass, ceramic tile and even door as long as it has smooth surface.

The last option is what makes the installation of this shower head so simple and no complicated. We know that the last you want is to spend a few hours trying to figure out how to install your kid´s new shower.

So, if you got interested in this particular shower head, the bad news is that it´s not available on Amazon anymore but, you can a similar one, the Rubber Duckie & Friends RDNF-D Child’s Bath and Shower Wand, Duck, which is also good and the design is the same.

Read user reviews and see best price at Amazon.

What is a kid’s shower head?

A kids shower head is a little different from the adults one; and that´s because kids are not worried about the number of functions their shower has, or if it has a hand shower integrated; they just don´t care about those details; leave it to us, adults. What kids want is something that caught their attention and make they enjoy their shower time; and that´s exactly what a kid´s shower head is and does.

A kid’s shower head has different shapes and colors; usually they look like the kid´s favorite cartoons character or some cute animal. It is made of the same material than the other ones, like plastic and rubber, and it works just the same. It has just a few differences like one basic spray patter and, as I said before, a lower flow rate.

Advantages of the kids shower head

Now that you know what a kids shower head is, I´m sure you´re almost convinced  that it is a great deal to get one. But, I´ll write down a few advantages to help you think through it and, of course, to make you see how happy your one will be taking a shower:

  • It adds fun to the shower time. To take a shower will be the as to go outside and play; or to watch their favorite cartoons. When you have a kid´s shower head, which is appropriate for them, it creates a nice and cool atmosphere for the kid; he or she won´t see the shower time as a boring obligation anymore; it will be a fun time, and you won´t have to ask them twice.
  • They will learn how to use the shower. When you realize, your kid will be showering like an adult (almost) and, without any risks, because the kid´s shower head are safe and functional, so you won´t have to worry or stand there all the time while they are having a great time on the shower.
  • They all have a lower shower head, which will make your kid feel comfortable and safe. The regular showers usually scare little kid because of the water pressure and because of the height that the water comes. It tends to make them think that it will hurt them (sometimes it does), and that´s why they get scared. But, it won´t happen with a lower shower head because they will see where the water comer from and the flow will the gentle, so won´t fright them.
  • It will be more comfortable for you. We know how stressful and tough it can be to wash a kid on the shower, especially if they don´t want to, and since they just can´t wash themselves. So, instead of struggle to roll them in water, they can stay still (and having fun) while you rinse off the soap gently with the shower head. They won´t even notice it.
  • Your kid will fell more independent. Once your kid starts having fun taking a shower, he or she will star doing it by themselves, and it will be an important achievement for them; they will fell confident and almost an adult.

Where can I find it? How much does it cost?

Well, you can find a kid´s shower head in any specialized store or at supermarkets. They are sold in the same places where you can find the regular ones. A good place to look for it and, where you can find a big variety of it, is on Amazon. On search websites you can also type, for example, your kid´s favorite cartoon character, and see if there is any available to buy.

Usually they are much cheaper than an adult´s shower. Despite their color and design, you can by one for around $25.00; but you can also find a few ones for $15.00.

How do I find the best shower head for my little one?

If you´re really considering buying one shower head for your kid, there are a few things you´ll have to consider:

  • First, you´ll have to find out what is your kid´s preference regarding cartoons characters and animals; you don´t want to buy, for example, a frog shaped shower head if your kid is afraid or doesn´t like frogs. Ask him or her or just observe.
  • Second thing is, to buy an adjustable shower head. We all know that kids grow up real fast, so you´ll have to buy one show head which you´ll be able to adjust according to your kid´s height. You don´t want to buy a new shower head every year, do you?
  • Third, but not less important; make sure that the new shower head doesn’t contain small parts which can be swollen by your kid. Some shower head may contain small bottoms which can fall off easily upon some rough handling.

I hope this tips were useful for you and worth your time. Keep in mind that buying your kid a colorful cool funny shower head will make not only your life easier, but also his or her. In the end, they will thank you a lot.