Hansgrohe Raindance S 150 AIR 3-Jet Shower Head Review

Are you looking for a new shower head from a reliable brand able to give a high performance shower for a not too expensive price? We believe we have what you need and a little more. The most important thing when it comes to shower heads, is providing you such an amazing shower that you´ll never want to leave. This Hansgrohe 2749500, a 3-jet shower head; will l wake you up in the morning and make you ready for what it is to come. This is a must-have shower head.

Hansgrohe 27495001 Raindance S 150 AIR 3-Jet Shower HeadDesigned by Hansgrohe, a well-known manufacturer which has been producing shower heads over 100 years presents you now the opportunity to experience an amazing shower thanks to its developed technologies. Let´s begin talking about how easy it is to eliminate limescale and dirty off the flexible jets. QuickClean is an exclusive feature, so just gently rub the jets to get them clean. Now, the big deal about this showerhead are the droplets enriched with air that make your shower feels like a rainforest mixed with a powerful massage. With this shower head you and your family you enjoy a shower the way it is supposed to be.

This is the type of shower head which will work for many years without a problem. It is made with high quality materials that ensure its durability and functionality. Paying a little more for a shower head which will look intact and brand new for many years is more than a good deal. It will save you time and money. Its powerful stream of rain like flow will worth every penny and you will feel sorry for not having one of these before. So don´t wait any longer and enjoy life at its fullest.


The Hansgrohe 27495001, featuring 6 inches diameter, the perfect size for full body coverage, is a practical and stylish shower head which will match any bathroom´s décor. It features great technologies, such as AIR injection and QuickClean. They were both developed by Hansgrohe thinking about their customers and how to make their lives easier. Its spray features 86 channels which won´t clog don´t matter what. The Hansgrohe 27495001was designed to offer an invigorating and relaxing shower, giving the sensation of being outside standing in the most relaxing and warm rain. Relax your muscles and your soul.


Like we said, this shower head is made with high quality materials, such as metal. It is a contemporary style shower head, which looks stunning with any décor and it weighs only 1 pound. It flow rate is 2.5 GPM and it doesn´t need high pressure water. Its dimensions are 5.4 x 5.4 x 2.9 inches and it has limited lifetime warranty.

You can find this shower head on Amazon for an incredible price. You hope you´ve enjoyed this review and at the end will find a link which will direct you to this Hansgrohe 27495001´s page on Amazon. Wish you good luck.

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