KOHLER K-15996-CP Flipside Polished Showerhead Review

Are you looking for a top of the line shower head with an accessible price? If you think that´s impossible, we are here to show you otherwise. Have you ever thought about a shower head which would suit all your needs with different types of spray for you to choose? We believe we´ve found that shower head. Stop struggling with your shower head to change it to the position you want; with the KOHLER K-15996-CP you will have four different types of shower head in one. Get ready to surprise yourself with this amazing and multifunctional shower head.

KOHLER K-15996-CP Flipside Polished Showerhead ReviewThe KOHLER K-15996 features a classic and clean design which will match any bathroom décor making it look more elegant and modern. When we said this is four showers in one, we were not kidding. Different from other shower heads; this KOHLER K-15996-CP actually comes with 4 different spray faces which you can change by hand, anytime you want! That´s right; simple and easy. It also comes with a technology called Flipstream, which is the responsible for this shower head be so easy to maneuver. Could you really ask for more? Don´t wait any longer to experience the maximum when it comes to a shower head. Allow yourself to have the greater shower experience for an amazing price.

Owing one of these shower heads is the same as having total freedom to choose the type of spray you want after an exhaustive and stressful day. You will get home, get under the shower and all your problems will go away. Not happy with the current spray falling down your body and face? Just flip the spray head on its axis to choose one that pleases you more.


The amazing and beautiful KOHLER K-15996, as you could see, comes with incredible features. Like we´ve mentioned before, this shower head features 4 different sprays, including koverage, which is the one that fits on your daily basis, kotton is the other type which will make you feel like you were in a SPA, then we have komotion and kurrent which are both perfect for massing your body. This KOHLER K-15996 also features Flipstream Technology, what makes it easy to use, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


The KOHLER K-15996 is a lightweight shower head easy to be installed, weighing only 1.3 pounds. Its dimensions are 6.1 x 0.3 x 6.8 inches and its flow rate is 2.5 GPM. It is made of metal, which makes it durable and resistant, its finish is polished chrome and it is a transitional style shower head. Be aware that shower arm and flange are not included.

This shower head is available on Amazon, where you can read comments from users to make sure you are buying an excellent product. A good shower head means also good mental health. In the morning and at night, a relaxing shower can change our day and make us sleep better, so don´t think twice and get your KOHLER K-15996-CP.

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