KOHLER Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

KOHLER Moxie Showerhead and Wireless SpeakerWith this KOHLER  K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM showerhead and wireless speaker, you won´t have to worry about putting some music on your stereo or on your cell phone while you shower. No more stepping out of the shower to change songs.

This shower head speaker not only offers you a great and relaxing shower, but it also allows you to personalize it with your our own music form your playlists. This happens thanks to its Bluetooth technology, which you can connect to any devices, and thanks to wireless which works until 32 feet away.

Good news is; you can listen to your favorite songs not only during your shower time, but also outside your bathroom. That’s right; you can take the wireless speaker to your kitchen, living room, or to the pool. It pops out from the shower very easily and, it is resistant to water. But it doesn´t mean you can immerse it; but it works fine in places which involve water and get wet, like pools and boats.

You can adjust its spray face the way you like; it features 60 angled nozzles.



This showerhead comes with a wireless speaker; it means you can listen to your favorite songs straight from your cell phone or laptop while you take a shower. Obviously it is water resistant; after all it will be placed on your shower head. Advices can be connect through Bluetooth and it has a great sound quality; harmonic distortion of 1.5 watts at 1 kHz.


This item includes 1 Lithium ion battery which last for about 7 hours. The shower head has a lifetime limited warranty, and the wireless speaker has 1 year limited warranty. It consumes 2.5 GPM of water, and its water flow is also around 2.5 GPM. It is wall mounted and it is made of metal, so it is a resistant product.

Just like we have said before, you don´t to worry about what type advice you´ll need to use to connect with this wireless speaker. It can be your laptop, your tablet, your mp3 player or smartphone; it doesn´t matter.

Besides this music feature, this shower head has what is the primordial thing considering showerheads; a nice spray. You´ll feel like you´re under the rain listening to your favorite song.  Its spray face is made of silicone, which makes it easy to wipe away mineral build up.

It needs to be recharged, like any electronic advices, but it lasts for long 7 hours.

Fun is guaranteed; you can sing along during your shower, or listen to the news while you cook, it doesn´t matter where you are; this wireless speaker will follow you and you won´t need to recharge it all the time.

This KOHLER showerhead and wireless speaker is available on specialized stores on Amazon.

This shower head is a good option for someone who is looking for fun and relaxing under the shower. Stop wasting your time not listening to the news while you shower!

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