Waterpik AST AquaScape Dual Mode Oval Showerhead Review

Showering is one of the most important parts of our day. There are researches which prove that a good shower is the responsible for good health, physical and mental. That´s why you should let go from that old shower head which gives nothing more than stress and disappointment. After a long day of work, all we want is to get home and experience and amazing shower, feeling water covering our whole body with intensity. And it would be even better if you had an economic shower to help you save a few dollars during the year. If you think it is impossible to combine high quality with money saving; you are wrong. That´s why we will introduce you to this amazing Waterpik AST 233CC/20008439 AquaScape Dual Mode Oval Showerhead.

Waterpik ASTThis shower head is functional and has everything we look for. For example, it gives you the option to choose between two spray modes; one is for total body coverage, and the other make the shower head focus on a specific area specific area by selecting mid-shower. Besides great features, this is an eco-friendly shower head which will not only help the environment, but also your packet. Using this Waterpik AST 233CC/20008439 you will be saving, annually, more than $45. And don´t you think that this eco-friendly system compromises its efficiency when it comes to water pressure and quantity.

The Waterpik AST 233CC/20008439 has a different shape; it is oval, which not only is modern and stylish, but it also helps with water distribution. It´s 60 nozzles are anti-clog and you will experience 50% more coverage than shower heads you are used to. Don´t any longer to upgrade you bathroom and your lifestyle with the perfect shower head and save a few bucks while you help the environment.


The Waterpik AST 233CC/20008439 is a 2 spray shower head which allows choosing the type of spray you want. For relaxing moments, you can select total body coverage, or in case want to wash a specific part of your body, you to choose a focused power. Featuring EcoRain technology, this shower head you offer you a rainfall shower without wasting a lot of water and helping you to save money in utility costs. It is absolutely easy to install, you can do it by yourself, no plumber needed.


This beautiful bright chrome shower head weighing only 1.15 pounds has flow rate and water consumption of 2.5 GMP. Its dimensions are 9 x 13 x 4 inches.

Be prepared to have at home a high pressure water shower head large enough to cover your whole but with warm water as intense as a rainfall. This shower head is available on Amazon, for a price that will make your jaw drop. Don´t wait until it is sold out; click on the link bellow to be directed to Waterpik AST 233CC/20008439´s page on Amazon right away. We wish you good luck and read customers reviews.

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